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Scene Stealer Audio Version

October 15, 2010

Today is a red letter day for me. October 15-the day that Scene Stealer is released in an audio version by I look forward to hearing the book read. I’m sure my characters are looking forward to it too. Scene Stealer is available (eBook version) is available at
Carina Press: Your next great read!,, and wherever eBooks are sold


Confessions of a Non-Techie

September 13, 2010

Before learning that my mystery Scene Stealer would be published by Carina Press as an eBook, I used my computer to write, research and email. I wrote articles, short stories and plays. Wow- Publishing a novel leads to a lot of learning. Networking, socializing and as the “KIng of Siam,” said in The King and I etc., etc., etc. In the beginning-there was and is WordPress, then a website, Facebook and Twitter, loops and forums and an eReader-where does everybody find the time?

And if all that didn’t keep me busy enough, I decided to buy a thin screen television and DVD player (I know I wasn’t in the 21st century.) Somehow I bought a HD and for that I needed a new cable box; looked at the directions and thought I can do it, after all I set up my computer and printer. Then I turned the page-columns upon columns of programming. I chickened out and called the friendly neighborhood Geek Squad. A little more money but better than a nervous breakdown. After I finish wordpress, twitter and facebook, I think I better go practise.
To learn more about me, please log on to Scene Stealer may be purchased at,, and wherever eBooks arre sold.

Stones, Quills, Fountain Pens, Whatever

July 25, 2010

Bought an eReader last Friday and that got me to thinking about all the writing implements that have been used by creative people since the days of ancestors with artistic aspirations. Artists and writers who scratched pictures on the walls of caves with sharpened stones. Were the drawings memoirs of times gone by? Victory in battle? Man against the animals he fought? A prehistoric still life?
Quills and bamboo, brushes and pencils all used with the hope that someone, somewhere, someday would read the author’s work.
Today, fountain pens belong in collections. Old typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaur, grandparents reminisce about IBM Selectrics, word processors are in the attic. We use a PC, a laptop, a notepad an iPad and we write.
And we read…hardcover, paperbacks, eBooks, we download and upload and text. We read and write to explore, escape, find romance, adventure, love, experience and knowledge. Thank heaven for writers and readers.


July 7, 2010

Carina Press: Your next great read!

Believe someone could make a fortune writing an easy manual for non-techies like me. Once-not too long ago-Iwrote articles and short stories. Researched and kept in contact with email and telephone and the occasional snail mail. Does anyone remember snail mail? But since I became an author with the wonderful Carina Press, I’ve learned how to set up my own website, blog and network via Facebook and Twitter. Ohh…it is hard to learn all that techie stuff if you haven’t learned it in school along with your ABCs. So someone out there write something simple so after we struggle along we don’t have to say “Ahah! That’s what they mean.”