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Behind in my Blogging

December 14, 2010

Just getting over the worst cold since childhood. My blog was severly neglected. All my energy went into thinking about my novel to be and a new blog Mystery authors that are published by Carina have begun.

The title of our group is Not Your Usual Suspects because we write cozy, romace, paranormal, suspense and a wide range affiliated with the genre.

We launched yesterday with Julie Moffet opening for the group and today’s post was written by Marcelle Dube who offered a French-Canadian recipe to go with her warm holiday greetings.

I’m set for Sunday, December 19 and I hope all of you will join all of us as we talk about mystery, writing and life.

Our address is

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Guest Blogger

December 1, 2010

Hello everyone:

I’m guest blogging onPatricia Prestion’s blog today.

Blogging about where I found the characters, the sights, sounds and smells of New York that led to my eBook Scene Stealer

Please drop by and say hello.

The Castle on the Moon

November 29, 2010

My mother and father, my aunts and uncles, all enjoyed a game of poker. The stakes were low-no one in my family had money-but every other weekend they gathered around the dining room table and played their penny and two poker as if they were in a saloon in the big, bad, lawless West.
Dad, a careful player, played his cards “close to the vest.” My mother would bluff and often won which drove my father a little bit nutty. My uncle often expounded on the finer points of the game-which everyone ignored-and my eldest aunt would ask me to sit by her side to bring her luck, show me her cards and mutter, “Pooh, pooh,” before raising the ante.
My cousins and I would grow restless despite the chance to nibble on candy and nuts that had been placed around the table and would finally escape into the bedroom where we would take turns making up stories. A favorite was The Castle on the Moon.
Whenever the moon ripened and became full, I could see a castle that lived high on a cliff. It towered over the bottomless, sinister ocean that lay far, far below the overhang and sometimes I imagined I could see the princess-cold and friendless-as she wandered through the many rooms and chambers that held her prisoner.
When it was my cousin’s turn to continue the tale, he spoke of rescue. He would find a way to rocket to the moon, take his trusty sword and slither down a rope from the rocket to the castle where he would free the lovely princess we had named Genevieve. His sister, a few years older and a budding feminist turned the princess into a prince who would become King Gene and, being the grateful sort, crown her Queen of the Moon.
Some years later, when man conquered space, I was thrilled but, I must admit, disappointed. No castle was found on the moon. No trace of a princess or prince. No sinister ocean and no rock face. But my imagination still runs wild and I tell stories.
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Scene Stealer Audio Version

October 15, 2010

Today is a red letter day for me. October 15-the day that Scene Stealer is released in an audio version by I look forward to hearing the book read. I’m sure my characters are looking forward to it too. Scene Stealer is available (eBook version) is available at
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Confessions of a Non-Techie

September 13, 2010

Before learning that my mystery Scene Stealer would be published by Carina Press as an eBook, I used my computer to write, research and email. I wrote articles, short stories and plays. Wow- Publishing a novel leads to a lot of learning. Networking, socializing and as the “KIng of Siam,” said in The King and I etc., etc., etc. In the beginning-there was and is WordPress, then a website, Facebook and Twitter, loops and forums and an eReader-where does everybody find the time?

And if all that didn’t keep me busy enough, I decided to buy a thin screen television and DVD player (I know I wasn’t in the 21st century.) Somehow I bought a HD and for that I needed a new cable box; looked at the directions and thought I can do it, after all I set up my computer and printer. Then I turned the page-columns upon columns of programming. I chickened out and called the friendly neighborhood Geek Squad. A little more money but better than a nervous breakdown. After I finish wordpress, twitter and facebook, I think I better go practise.
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August 9, 2010

Research. it is so hard not to become carried away. Obscure details that have nothing to do with the facts I’m checking for a piece begin to fascinate and one leads to another. Of course, sometimes it leads to another subject which leads to another article or a short story. It can sit there percolating in my brain before beginning to poke at me and tell me it’s time to take a pen and pad and write. Other times, the minutes and hours are wasted. I’m just idling away time that could be better spent. So much to read. So much to write. So many subjects.

Storeybook Reviews Scene Stealer

August 5, 2010

Scene Stealer – Elise Warner Posted in Cozy, New York on August 4, 2010 Before Elise Warner started her writing career you could find her on Broadway, working with National Companies and in clubs as an actress, singer and stage manager. She has even written a play which won Theatre Guinevere’s “Guinny Award”. After that she started writing for various magazines but this is her first novel.

Scene Stealer features Miss Augusta Weidenmaier, a retired school teacher who is caught up on the case of a kidnapped child, an actor in fact, and feels that she must help the police solve this crime. She does this putting her self in harms way a time or two, and as expected of a school teacher, a rap or two on the knuckles of some not some helpful characters.

When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure what to expect, in fact, I wasn’t even aware that this was the author’s first novel. The story started off with Augusta noticing a child on the bus and as a former schoolteacher knew that something wasn’t quite right. The child looked scared and the man he was with was a bit scary himself. She departs the bus to try and follow the pair to see if she can help the child. In the back of her mind she recognizes the child but does not realize he is an actor for a local fast food chain until his disappearance is publicized in the media. Then she realizes what she saw could help find Kevin and bring him back to his mother. She doesn’t realize the danger that she ends up putting herself in to until it is too late.

I was beginning to wonder why someone would want to read this book if the kidnapper was going to be revealed so early in the book. But imagine mysurprise when the obvious wasn’t as obvious as you might think. It was a nice twist that I wasn’t expecting and pulled me back in to the story wondering how it was going to end.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars and if the author decides to make this a series, I will definitely check out the second installment.
Scene Stealer may be purchased at,,, and wherever eBooks are sold


August 4, 2010

Ideas for articles, characters to bring a story alive, another cozy? Another novel? I’ve started on an article. Moving fast. This one is fun to write. The story is almost there? But something is missing. My characters have to decide what they want to do. Atmosphere? Menace? do I need to know more about my people? And what about another cozy? Miss Weidenmaier is getting restless. And the novel…it’s a story I want to tell. The world of writing is exciting. Mystifying. Funny and wondrous. I’m so glad it chose me.
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Stones, Quills, Fountain Pens, Whatever

July 25, 2010

Bought an eReader last Friday and that got me to thinking about all the writing implements that have been used by creative people since the days of ancestors with artistic aspirations. Artists and writers who scratched pictures on the walls of caves with sharpened stones. Were the drawings memoirs of times gone by? Victory in battle? Man against the animals he fought? A prehistoric still life?
Quills and bamboo, brushes and pencils all used with the hope that someone, somewhere, someday would read the author’s work.
Today, fountain pens belong in collections. Old typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaur, grandparents reminisce about IBM Selectrics, word processors are in the attic. We use a PC, a laptop, a notepad an iPad and we write.
And we read…hardcover, paperbacks, eBooks, we download and upload and text. We read and write to explore, escape, find romance, adventure, love, experience and knowledge. Thank heaven for writers and readers.

Research and Writing

July 21, 2010

Early morning research. What would I do without The Library of Congress? Then filled the house with groceries. Shopped in the a.m. as the weather predicted was storms, thunder and lightning. Same report as the last week. So far…clouds, then sun, then clouds again but the air is stagnant.
Received a call from a friend who visited Vermont and spent an afternoon learning about the Ipad from a new acquaintance. had her look up Scene Stealer and told the acquintance she would enjoy reading my mystery. Now that’s a good friend, I should hire her as my agent.
This afternoon I’ve begun the first draft of a new article; this one will be great fun to write. Found so many interesting facts while researching.
Tomorrow the techie comes and hopefully will find the reason why the digital phone keeps saying “searching” and “out of range.” thought this would be simple.
Oh, dear. Wish we had a techie in the family.