Elise Warner, the author of Scene Stealer, worked as an actress, singer and stage manager before becoming addicted to writing. Small Time, her second play, won Theatre Guinevere’s “Guinny Award” and was later part of the Maxwell Anderson Playwright’s Series. An avid traveler, she has written for the Travel Section of The Washington Post and magazines such as Rock & Gem and The Gold Prospector (inspired by trips to Australia and New Zealand.) Remembering her poodle, Jackie, she wrote about a Musical Comedy troupe touring the United States with pet dogs that was published in the Anthology Good Dogs Doing Good and a short story that won second prize in the American Kennel Club Magazine 2008 contest. Elise’s articles dealing with American history have appeared in magazines such as American Spirit, Pennsylvania, The Elks and The Villager. An avid fan of mysteries, her shorts stories have appeared in Mystery Time, RTP and She is married to Bob Bernard, a dazzling tap dancer. 

One Response to “Biography”

  1. randy & kathy Says:

    hello from the brat capital of the world. sorry i have not read your book yet. but i have read quite a few stories you have written. congratulations on your continued success. and just a brief note on the ‘hot dog’ issue, it was really cool. from a couple who miss seen you and bob. and bob, keep on tappin’.

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