A Brighter Day

It’s good to be back working at my computer after a minor eye operation. Not the most frightening operation but for someone with a vivid imagination not the breeze so many imply. When the patch-a plastic oval with tiny holes that fits over the eye – was removed the morning after, bright light charged my now sensitive eye. The white paint on my apartment walls glared at me. A periwinkle shirt became a passionate purple. I could now tell navy blue from black and yellows were as bright as the sun at mid-day. I did receive a bit of a shock when I saw white spots on the windows; luckily before I panicked and called the doctor, I realized the white spots were just spots of dirt on windows that needed to be washed.
Now it’s catch-up time-the next chapter in a new novel, an article that needs to be tweaked, my neglected blog, Twitter and Facebook. Over 200 emails to be answered, submissions to be sent and leads to be followed but…I’m home.
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3 Responses to “A Brighter Day”

  1. Jenny Schwartz Says:

    I’d be terrified of an eye op. I’m glad yours went safely, Elise. Imagine, now you’re free to wash those windows!

    I hate washing windows!

    • Elise Warner Says:

      Jennifer and Jenny…I was quite nervous. Even lost my appetite for a day. My windows are so heavy I shall have to hunt to find someone strong enough to do them. Either that or bulk up.

  2. Jennifer Lane Says:

    Glad the eye operation went well and that you can read my comment clearly! 😉

    Unfortunately I can see the mess in my condo all too well . . .

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