Confessions of a Non-Techie

Before learning that my mystery Scene Stealer would be published by Carina Press as an eBook, I used my computer to write, research and email. I wrote articles, short stories and plays. Wow- Publishing a novel leads to a lot of learning. Networking, socializing and as the “KIng of Siam,” said in The King and I etc., etc., etc. In the beginning-there was and is WordPress, then a website, Facebook and Twitter, loops and forums and an eReader-where does everybody find the time?

And if all that didn’t keep me busy enough, I decided to buy a thin screen television and DVD player (I know I wasn’t in the 21st century.) Somehow I bought a HD and for that I needed a new cable box; looked at the directions and thought I can do it, after all I set up my computer and printer. Then I turned the page-columns upon columns of programming. I chickened out and called the friendly neighborhood Geek Squad. A little more money but better than a nervous breakdown. After I finish wordpress, twitter and facebook, I think I better go practise.
To learn more about me, please log on to Scene Stealer may be purchased at,, and wherever eBooks arre sold.

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2 Responses to “Confessions of a Non-Techie”

  1. Eleri Stone Says:

    Hi Elise! It’s funny how it all seems to snowball isn’t it? I do love my gadgets though.

  2. Jenny Schwartz Says:

    Carina Press launched me into the mysteries of Twitter, etc too. It seems like tackling one challenge only leads to ten more (slight exaggeration). What amazed me was how much fun it can be — I guess because when I get stuck I know I can yell out to other authors for help/sympathy 🙂

    And congrats on the new TV

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