A Maine Dinner

Spent a few hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday feasting our eyes on some of the works by master painters and sculptors. Breathtaking. then to the Trustee’s Dining Room where hubby and I could fill our tummies with fantastic food. Most of the year, the dining room is only open to trustees and folks who can contribute large sume of money to keep the exhibitions in tip-top shape for the rest of us, but during the summer the room is open on Friday and Saturday evenings to the average subscriber. Lucky us.
From our table we could see two fortress-like towers. Towers that could set the imagination soaring. Streaks of white clouds traveled through the sky and trees swayed as if the wind were a choreographer newly hired by the city ballet.
A basket of rolls with butter that cannot be found in your average supermarket and an olive tapinade were set on the table along with our glasses of Pinot Grigio. A corn chowder with peeky crab followed. Peeky crab conjures up an image of a feminine crab with long eyelashes and a tendancy to flirt. Wish I had the recipe. Second course-mussels au gratin. Sweet and crunchy…how many recipes are there for mussels? Then the lobster-no bib needed. The lobster has been shelled, centered on the plate and surrounded with snow peas, Harticote Verte and warn radish. A bit different from the Maine I remember. Dessert? Peach crisp with vanilla ice cream. A wonderful dinner to savor on a special occasiond or when you need a pick-me-up. Here’s to next summer and another delighful dinner.

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