Research and Writing

Early morning research. What would I do without The Library of Congress? Then filled the house with groceries. Shopped in the a.m. as the weather predicted was storms, thunder and lightning. Same report as the last week. So far…clouds, then sun, then clouds again but the air is stagnant.
Received a call from a friend who visited Vermont and spent an afternoon learning about the Ipad from a new acquaintance. had her look up Scene Stealer and told the acquintance she would enjoy reading my mystery. Now that’s a good friend, I should hire her as my agent.
This afternoon I’ve begun the first draft of a new article; this one will be great fun to write. Found so many interesting facts while researching.
Tomorrow the techie comes and hopefully will find the reason why the digital phone keeps saying “searching” and “out of range.” thought this would be simple.
Oh, dear. Wish we had a techie in the family.

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