Deadly Ink Anthology

Received my author’s copy of Deadly Ink’s 2010 Short Story Collection. The publisher’s profits are donated to the Christopher Reeve Foundation. A great cause. Deadly Ink published mysteries and I’m so pleased that my short story The Tree House was included with this year’s selections. Tonight I plan to have a relaxing evening and settle down for a good read with the other authors in the anthology. But first a good dinner at Dani’s.
Dani’s is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that looks like the pizza joint your first boyfriend took you to on your first date. But…they make one of the best Eggpant Parmigians I’ve ever tasted, their salad is always fresh, mussels come from Prince Edward Island and their mushroom ravioli can’t be beat.
Tonight will be a treat as yesterday was busy with switching to cable internet (I finally entered the 21st century,) the handyman showing up to fix the outside of the air conditioner and a visit to the time-Warner Store to pick up a digital phone. I almost forgot, my old Mr. Coffee broke and it was time to buy a new one.
Here’s to tonight.

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One Response to “Deadly Ink Anthology”

  1. Mitzi Says:

    Congratulations, Elise. I didn’t get my copy until yesterday. I love seeing my stuff in print. Hope you had a great dinner and a great read.

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